Russian Medical Agency


Frequently asked questions

  1. I do not speak Russian at all. How will I understand anything?

  2. Is getting Russian visa very complicated?

  3. How many days do I have to stay?

  4. How can I save the money if in addition to the treatment cost I need to pay for the air tickets, visa, hotel and airport transfers?

  5. Do you work only with the dentist clinics?

  6. What service does RMT provide? What does the tour include?

  7. How will you chose the doctor?

  8. I have already the results of the exams; can your doctors build the treatment plan?

  9. How good is the quality? I have never heard anything about Russian medicine.

10. Do these clinics have the latest technology?

11. How do I know if my dental procedures will be completed in time?

12. Can I bring my partner?

13. Is it safe traveling to St Petersburg?

14. What payment methods do you accept?

15. Do you offer a guarantee?

16. Where will I stay?

17. What is there to do in St Petersburg in my free time?

18. If I don’t get the visa, do I get my money back for the tour?