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«Russian Medical Tour» LLC

«Russian Medical Tour» LLC is an officially registered Tour Operator, listed in the Uniform Federal Register of Tour Operators by the Federal Agency for Tourism in the Russian Federation. That registration certifies and ensures that «Russian Medical Tour» LLC is a registered business and licensed according to Russian regulations, operating in compliance with all applicable laws.

We are authorized to provide the service of international inbound tourism and provide you with the Tourist voucher and Tourist confirmation, the documents that are required by Russian consulates to obtain the Russian visa.

Reference to the Uniform Federal Register of Tour Operators:

Registration number: РТО №019083

Number of the order: 281-Пр-17
Date of the order: 13 June 2017
Issued certificate number: 063669

Authorized tour operator activity: domestic tourism, international inbound tourism
The amount of financial security: 500,000 rubles
Method of financial security: the contract of insurance of civil liability of the tour operator
Document: 21№КГС-48/17 от 31.05.2017
The term of the financial security: from 13.06.2017 to 12.06.2018
The name of the organization that provided financial security: АО АСК "Инвестстрах"
The address (location) of the organization providing financial security: 117405, Moscow, Kirpichniye Viyemki street, 2, building 1

Actual and postal address:
195276, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Demyan Bedniy ul, d. 24, building. 2, ap. 21
Phone: +7 (921) 099-43-16